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Product 100% Polish

By purchasing our products you have warrante of the highest quality. We use only Polish top class products from reliable suppliers. By choosing us you support Polish industry and give jobs, thereby you get top quality products.


In order to meet with growing expectations of our clients, we introduce new branches of our activities, such as production of sports outfits, making the prints on tops, caps, t-shirts, fleecces, shoes, jackets, underwear,etc...


The goal of the GEGONIUS brand is to reach as many recipients as possible, we invite warehouses, sportsmans, designers, bloggers, YouTube's from the public sector to cooperate with us Contact us.


At every stage of creation our GEGONIUS products, we use best efforts to ensure that product which You order is one of it's kind. (one of it's kind jest ok więc tego nie zmieniam ale możesz to też zamienić słowem unique) We do not allow half measures or compromises when designing, creating prototype layout, testing it in the harshest conditions up to products approved by the quality control department of the created pattern. That is why underwear and clothing that comes out of our studio is unique, original and above all POLISH.

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Style


Project studio

With us everything starts with a project. What you have in your head will turn our studio into a real product. We remain available.

Photo and Film DSLR

Quality is the most important so we use top-rated full-frame SLRs, GoPro cameras and bright lenses.

Advertising films

We realize that well-prepared film material brings great benefits. We are not afraid of challenges we invite.

Lingerie production

We produce underwear for active people and those who value style, quality and design. See the gallery of our satisfied customers and you will soon join them.


We have launched a machine park in which we can design and sew sportswear with indestructible overprint and any design.

Imprints on clothing

Constant pursuit of excellence has resulted in investment in transfer machines, screen printing. We will cut or print any graphics for your clothing.

social mediagegonius

Together we can do moregegonius

We invite companies, institutions from the public sector, shops, wholesalers, sports clubs, individual clients, athletes, advertising and event agencies, fashion designers, bloggers, youTubers, etc. We invite you to contact us.